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5 Fat-Burning Cardio Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment

Know-it-all regulars, complicated machines, pushy trainers, mystery smells – yep, I’m talking about the gym. (Cue horror music.) Why deal with all that when you can complete sweat-inducing, fat-burning workouts without any equipment at all, right from your own home!…

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10 Foods To Eat On A Weight Loss Diet

When you’re on a diet or trying to meet specific weight loss goals it can sometimes feel as though your food options are restricted fortunately for you the secret to losing weight might not be to eat less but to…

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4 Dangerous Diet Mistakes

For dangerous diet mistakes as you probably already know a healthy diet is an important factor to weight loss as well as living a healthier more nutritional lifestyle but as it turns out a proper diet might be even more…

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10 Best Foods To Eat On A Diet

Ten foods you can eat on a diet when it comes to losing weight most people assume that the secret is slimming down and shedding those extra pounds is simply to consume less food on average but the real secret…

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DIY Weight Loss Drinks | How To Have Apple Cider Vinegar

If you happen to be one of those who is struggling to shed some extra kilos post the new year, then this video is for you. Losing weight is not an easy task it’s a combination of a balanced diet…

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Which Diets Actually Work?

There are a lot of popular diets out there so we thought we create a simple video investigating which ones are scientifically sound and actually work from the outside it seems like a simple equation your weight is determined by…

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