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You Are What You Eat – Diet Builds Your Body – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I want to talk about how we judge health hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist I work out of Montreal Canada and the reason I make these videos is to…

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Keto Diet vs Intermittent Fasting I.F. (Which Is Better?)

Keto versus intermittent fasting. what is Keto? what is intermittent fasting? when should you do one or the other or could you even do them together? in this video we’re going to explore these ideas so that you can make…

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Eat fast Live Longer. Time restricted eating for health and fitness

So I’m going to start fasting. well I have already and I want to talk about it hi my name is Christine L Conroy welcome to Happy Stuff and Fluff. A Channel for women over 50 who are getting happy…

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Which Diets Actually Work?

There are a lot of popular diets out there so we thought we create a simple video investigating which ones are scientifically sound and actually work from the outside it seems like a simple equation your weight is determined by…

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