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11 Foods That Make Your Kidney Healthy | Diet Chart for Kidney Patients

the kidneys are small organs in the
lower abdomen that play a significant role in the overall health of the body
some foods may boost the performance of the kidneys while others may play stress
on them and cause damage in this video we will show you 15 foods that make your
kidney healthy so keep watching the video and don’t forget to like and share
the video here is the list of foods that make your
kidney healthy number one apples an Apple as a healthful snack that contains
an important fiber called pectin pectin may help reduce some risk factors for
kidney damage such as high blood sugar and cholesterol levels number two
strawberries strawberries may be small in size but they are big in benefits
this delicious red fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins antioxidants and fiber the
fiber and nutrients in strawberries have been associated with heart protection as
well as anti-cancer and anti-inflammation properties number
three cauliflower cauliflower as a nutritious
vegetable that is high in many nutrients including vitamin C vitamin K and the B
vitamin folate it’s also full of anti-inflammatory compounds like indels
and an excellent source of fiber number four cherries cherries have been shown
to reduce inflammation when eaten daily they are also packed with antioxidants
and phytochemicals that protect the heart number five
blueberries blueberries are packed with nutrients and one of the best sources of
antioxidants you can eat in particular these sweet berries contain antioxidants
called anthocyanins which may protect against heart disease certain cancers
cognitive decline and diabetes number 6 egg whites egg whites are pure protein
and provide the highest quality of protein with all the essential amino
acids for the kidney diet egg whites provide
protein with less phosphorous than other protein sources such as egg yolk or
meats number seven fatty fish salmon tuna and other Coldwater fatty fish that
are high in omega-3 fatty acids can make a beneficial addition to any diet the
body cannot make omega-3 fatty acids which means that they have to come from
the diet fatty fish are a great natural source of these healthful fats number
eight red grapes not only are red grapes delicious but they also deliver a ton of
nutrition in a small package red grapes are high in vitamin C and contain
antioxidants called flavonoids which have been shown to reduce inflammation
number nine garlic people with kidney problems are advised
to limit the amount of sodium in their diet including added salt garlic
provides a delicious alternative to salt adding flavor to dishes while providing
nutritional benefits it’s a good source of manganese vitamin C and vitamin b6
and contains sulfur compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties number 10
oil olive oil is a great source of oleic acid an anti-inflammatory fatty acid the
monounsaturated fat in olive oil protects against oxidation olive oil as
rich in polyphenols and antioxidant compounds that prevent inflammation and
oxidation number eleven radish radishes are crunchy vegetables
that make a healthy addition to a renal diet this is because they are very low
in potassium and phosphorus but high in many other important nutrients thanks
for watching the video hope this info will help you to live a healthy life you

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