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You Are What You Eat – Diet Builds Your Body – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I want to talk about how we judge health
hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m
Violet I’m a psychologist I work out of Montreal Canada and the reason I make
these videos is to help people to understand that your mental health and
your physical health come together to create the overall feeling of well-being
I had an interesting conversation with someone and it made me stop and ask the
question about like where is our idea of Health located so and it’s okay I know
the sounds work follow me for a second is health
internal or external it’s kind of like that idea of the locus of control right
are you an internally focused person so are you internal locus of control or you
an external locus of control and I recognized when I look at this that a
lot of people are externally focused when it comes to health so this idea
that health is about the number that you get when you step on the scale or the
way that your skin your complexion looks or how much you could lift in the gym or
the way that you look in a bikini this idea that health is something you can
see from afar but actually that’s exactly not what health is like in
actuality health is internal so for example I could look really good from
outside but yet be diabetic or have heart disease or have like liver disease
or right I could look really good from external but internally my body is not
functioning so in that case do I have good health
well actually the answer to that is no and so what’s very interesting to me is
that when people mistakenly focus their attention on the number on the scale
what they’re actually doing is saying that what other people see of them is
more important than what’s happening internally with them
and I feel like that puts us in the position where we’re not actually paying
attention to how we build this so the same way that if I’m more interested in
what people think about what I’m doing than what I think about what I’m doing
I’m making their ideas about me more important than my ideas about me from
the psychological point side of this story it’s the same thing for the
physical side of the story so one of the reasons that I’m bringing this up is
that whole idea that when I need to choose what I’m going to eat for example
that I care what you think about what I’m putting on my plate and the answer
for me is no I don’t you could like what I have on my plate or you could think
that what I have on my plate is disgusting if I know that this is
healthier for me then eating carbohydrates I’m gonna eat it so for
example there are lots of people that probably wouldn’t think of eating
something like pork belly but yet I’ll eat that because it’s healthy and it
tastes good and I like it and it allows me to eat and feel satiated and go a
long period of time I do believe that there’s so many times where we’re so
focused on how other people are gonna judge what we’re doing rather than
looking at how what we are doing helps us to feel that we end up in a bad
situation with ourselves it’s the same thing with the amount of exercise that I
get am i pushing myself to go to the gym or to do spinning classes or to climb a
mountain or to do things that maybe are not in line with who I am because it’s
gonna look good to other people when maybe the kind of exercise that I really
enjoy is going for walks maybe the kind of exercise that I enjoy is doing things
that are more in line with you know maybe I don’t want to let people know
that I love longboarding because I feel like they’re gonna judge because I’m too
old but actually that’s really what I love to do there’s so many people that I
know who wouldn’t even step on for example a
skate cycle because they’re afraid to fall and look silly
whereas I hopped on and I tried it out and I did fall down and I didn’t care
because for me engaging an activity that I find interesting and that’s going to
be possibly good for my body in eating food that I find delicious that I know
is going to be healthier for me than eating the cake that you’re trying to
get me to eat I think that these things are more important for me because it’s
about my internal workings of my body you see at the end of the day if I eat
what everyone else is eating so that I can look like everyone else but I end up
with insulin resistance if I end up with diabetes if I end up with heart disease
if I end up with any metabolic anything that’s negative for me I’m the one that
has to live with it it’s all fine and good for you to judge
what I’m eating but at the end of the day it’s me that has to live this life
when I focus my attention on how much the scale says when I focus my attention
on how clear my skin is when I focus my attention on what I’m putting on my
plate and while you’re judging what I’m putting on my plate what I’m really
saying is that what the world thinks about violet is more important than
what’s healthy for violet and what’s so ironic is that if I focus my attention
on the things that I know are healthier eating low carb eating ketogenic even
though every person around me feels that I’m making a mistake or I should say
every person but most of them feel like I’m making a mistake when I focus on
eating the way that it’s helping my body to move forward healthy guess what
happens good health comes along with it it’s so important for you to do what
makes sense internally so that you can live a healthy life when I do
what makes sense internally from my mind speaking my mind when someone hurts my
feelings standing up for myself when I believe that what I’m trying to
accomplish for me is right being willing to engage a negative situation so maybe
potentially having an argument with someone potentially it might not turn
into an argument but being able to engage that situation because I feel
I’ve been wronged psychologically means that I will do
better because in the end if I actually engage that interaction what I end up
doing for myself is saying violet you’re important and it’s the same thing with
food it’s the same thing with exercise it’s the same thing with doing things
for myself it doesn’t matter what I look like in the bathing suit as long as I
know that internally what I ate was healthy for me and ironically like I
said by eating what’s better for me so allowing the people the naysayers who
don’t believe that carbs are dangerous and who keep pushing me to try to get me
to eat something else see this is where we get into trouble because because I
care what I look like on the scale sorry because I care what that number is on
the scale I end up carrying what they think about what I eat and that’s what
gets me into trouble it doesn’t matter what the scale number says the same way
that doesn’t matter what they think about what I’m eating what matters is
that I’m eating healthy what matters is that I feel healthy what matters is that
my body moves the way I want it to move it doesn’t matter what the number on the
scale says it’s part of the reason I made that video that says do not weigh
yourself every week or every day weigh once a month because it doesn’t matter
what the number on the scale says of course you wanna weigh yourself so you
can track progress but it’s about progress it’s not about being a certain
number because at some point you might want your weight to go up because you’re
building muscle it’s not about a number on the scale
health is internal how your body is functioning on the inside
there’s so much more than what it looks like exterior so overweight again this
is the number that we think is the number that most people should be at but
what happens when you have someone who metabolically is doing fine
no signs of insulin resistance or any kind of metabolic issues happening and
yet they weigh more than the typical person see in order for us to really
understand how things function we need to understand how food affects us I
encourage everyone everyone to eat the foods that help you to feel good to help
help you to have no inflammation or the least amount of information you can have
that help you to be able to have energy to do what you want to do with your life
and in your day to be able to engage with people the way that you want to
engage them to have mental clarity I encourage everyone to eat that way and
understand that if I’m paying attention to how I look so if I’m paying attention
to how people see my body if I’m paying attention to how much I can lift and
proving to people that I can lift that means I’m paying attention more to you
than to me and that’s gonna cause problems because it’s gonna cause me to
worry about eating what I am supposed to eat in front of you focus on you do the
things that are healthy for you live and eat a healthy lifestyle

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