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Cardio Sin Saltos Para Perder Peso Rapido

It’s a great routine, when we do not have much time and want to quickly activate the metabolism and burn calories because this is the routine we will do different exercises, very simple movements and we will involve the whole body and all muscle groups so, activate and intensify the whole exercise importantly, no jumps therefore, if you have sore knees or you can not jump This is also your routine so without further I rolled up not more let’s enjoy these 20 minutes and go for it We started rocking to and fro front arm crossing here come, heels forward We will try to move the whole body as much as possible involving, arms, waist, legs, everything, … thereby increasing the intensity and leverage these minutes Try harder raises the foot to the opposite hand up up very well 8 more heels to the buttocks low and hard from top to bottom, arms with intention like you want, really, lose some stretch something down follow music we mark time side here lung Side to side first extend the arm the opposite foot and then give a little intensity extending back Stay here squat legs wide apart and stay short knees up elbow alternating very well tightening the abdomen up also involving the abdominal making a complete movement very well looks a combination twist, twist.

Rodilla twist, twist. rodilla turn, turn knee very well come on, give it a little more intensity rotates we breathe Nose. Mouth Stay here, direct with energy the same, but slightly bent knees and lower spin spin Look, stay here above above here little touches up short comes, turns and follows involving shoulders pressed well inward navel and down very well and I play back open tip arms and pectoral work, opening and closing breath breath come, this attitude we must give everything short strokes Stay marching with arms up and we’re closing the legs and lifting up the knees you’re going to draw a vee with your right leg first Vamos ahead give me four and down a little more for vividness well, change leg phenomenal and down a little more, a little more now cool Stay here lung slap up forming a circle with arms breath breath down a little more if you can we go up and down the intensity 8 no remaining pairs Now let’s turn up the intensity and speed, look knees up no need to jump to be an intense routine follow, follow very well hard, arms toller kicks forward we can make a sighting lap from here if space permits us do not stop stay squat take advantage of low that good a little more will you give me a knees forward alternating we go collides with my fist Stand aside here with arms and with intensity down a little more if you can and a little more changes, changes a little more down but you can, stay up and if you can, come with me Stay behind and give me lunge slowly I am going down we are working, both large and small muscles We are involving a lot Balancing work coordination resistance power, all in 20 minutes We do not stop down a little more very well you’re staying up and you go to work the oblique with the knee joint dale intention focus in the exercise Where are you change come, tour very well follow low, low mambo moves arms very well sale back that good this quick cardio If you like these cardio, let me know grapevine I come back open, crossed, open, close introduces arms follow we will stay there three, gluteus heel returns do not stop arms very well And come back stick with heel gluteal here there we are tighten gluteus go Go They are working those shoulders and upper back with intention hard return to sidestep returns with biceps Now we’re going to stay here returns returns and the last one Stay here and balances arms on guard Look, there are three flipflops and I go IM coming low knees If you want to give more intensity we go we go abdominal work navel inward well placed back and knees do not exceed the toes only the trunk moves the leg work is an isometric work maintaining tension squat I close very well breath breath very good We will place, with the body diagonally let’s raise calves and extend elbows the rhythm come on come on not worth me that pairs you just go down a little, the intensity look Quick Quick these calves noticeable we will work for abdominal and lumbar Let’s go there back and forward hard and with intent squeezing glutes do not stop we go drops slightly beautiful stretching forward getting a little below if you can you’re going to keep me here short I want you to feel It is running routine and feel the job change sends music and now that? kicking back look turns a little trunk, that is to mobilize, as much as possible, much of the body and now with balance forward, backward, forward, back extends well back and presses the navel to maintain stability focus come on come on squat a normal squat turn down the music down very well follow, follow look and squat kick kick very well follow We do not stop Keep here and down a little more please as if you sat knees up, alternating noticeable Stay here trunk flexion forward ponle intention and now sum up one knee we go feel it follow changes, changes with intention great champion, you know what? you practically have perfect look down, up, down, up Stay here follow, follow Stay here here here that is written open abductor press the gluteus leg supporting this bent slightly change hard that muscle take air Today we will put the smiley party the one with a trumpet and leaves confetti great champion we will stretch a half minutes takes air very good work 20 minutes go far If you work with focus You can repeat the routine, if you liked and do a 40 minute cardio work, super full if you want to change You can go to the part of toning routines a routine for toning arms, legs, buttocks would be ideal …

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