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How To Plan Best Diet For Kidney Problems | Health Made Easy

\Friends from recovering any disease our diet plays a very important role. It also determines the speed and quality of our recovery also. So friends in today’s video we will see that which type of diet should be taken by Kidney Disease patient. Which not only slow the progression of disease but also speed up the recovery. So Friends stay with me till the end of this video. Friends the most important thing regarding the diet of kidney patient is it that, it is not common for all patients.

Diet of kidney patients is decided according to the stage of the disease. And you can know about the stage by Consulting your physician. They advise two kinds of tests for it. The first important test is called the renal function test, And the second test is the glomerular filtration rate. It is also called GFR. This test tells about the percentage functioning of your kidney. Your kidney is filtering which elements properly and which are those elements your kidney is not filtering properly. Based on this, the stage of your Kidney Disease is decided. Friends there are mainly four stages of Kidney Disease. And according to the stage mainly 4 elements protein, Sodium, Potassium, and phosphorus these four elements are controlled in the diet. Apart from this, in the late stages, fluid intake has to be reduced. Because the filtration capacity of Kidneys gets reduced slowly. and due to the reduced filtration capacity. Fluids tend to accumulate in our body. Which causes inflammation in the various parts of the body.

And such type of food items is incorporated into a diet, which contains less amount of these elements. For example, if your doctor has please you in stage 1 category, then your focus must be upon how you can preserve the functions of Kidney. So if you are diabetic or you take medicines for blood pressure. Then do keep these under control. Apart from this, you have to reduce protein in your diet. No need to stop completely. But you have to reduce protein in your diet. and Replace high protein substances like Red meat, poultry, fish, eggs with low protein substances Like bread, fruits, vegetables, Pasta, and rice. So that your diet should not lack proteins. And the intake of proteins should be low. Along with this, you should also limit the intake of sodium or salt in your diet.

And use such type of substances in your diet which is salty naturally. Likewise, you should replace high potassium food items in your diet like Apricot, banana, cantaloupe, Dried fruits, Honeymelon, Kiwi, mango, oranges, Papaya, pomegranate and substances with resins. Which contain a high amount of potassium. Keep these items low in your diet and replace these with low potassium items like Apple, blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Grapes, grapes juice, Peaches. Peas, Pineapple, Pineapple juice, plums, raspberries, strawberries, Watermelon. these types of substances which contain less potassium. So that you can take potassium in your diet. and the quantities of potassium in your body stay controlled. Apart from this high potassium vegetables like Baked beans, Black Beans, broccoli, Okra, onions, Tomato, tomato sauces, Vegetable juices, Chocolates, Creamy soups, French fries, ice creams, Peanut butter, potato chips, Tofu, etc. These types of substances which contain high potassium should be replaced with low potassium Food items like Alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, Carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Green beans, Kale, White mushrooms, parsley, Pepper, radish. So that potassium cannot be accumulated in your body. and your diet still gets a supply of potassium. Friends apart from this, one more very important element, Which is called phosphorus.

You have to control that in your diet also. High Phosphorus items in your diet like a bear, chocolate, chocolate drinks, Dark colored colas, Cheese, custard, ice cream, pudding, Creamy soups, Chicken, beef, fish, Meet and all kind of processed foods, Pizza, hotdog. Substances which contain high amounts of phosphorus Should be replaced with low Phosphorus substances. Few examples of low Phosphorus substances are like Tea, coffee, rice, milk, Almond milk, eggs.

Unsalted popcorns. There are various substances which you can opt as per your body type, or by Consulting with your physician or dietician. Control the intake of phosphorus in your diet. Because these four elements are very important which affect the health of our Kidneys.

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