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Most Inspiring Person 2019 – Successful FIT and HEALTHY #PeopleWithPassion

Hello my name is Peter Kareem. I’m from New Zealand and 67 years of age and turn 68 in about 3 months time. I have many passions: raw food, loving the mountains I’m in the Himalayas here and the Annapurna circuit is my favorite. I’ve been here many times before and a lot of those times I’ve been here to do research on altitude sickness I’ve had a passion for studying physiology and natural health for many many years and I decided that while I was in Nepal, loving the mountains that I’d find out a little bit about this altitude sickness Now most of the medical profession at the moment say it’s caused by low oxygen levels and there is a secondary factor because as you do get higher the oxygen levels are quite low But the primary factor has to do with the thing called hemoglobin which has to do with the iron content of your red blood cells When you’re pushing yourself hard in these mountains Your red blood cell are used up pretty quick and your bone marrow is where the red blood cells are made.

And if they’re not getting enough iron Then what happens is you start suffering from the same symptoms as anemia. Because the iron is what carries the oxygen and if these low oxygen and insufficient iron in your body then the nutrients are not getting to the cells within the body. But yes I’ve had other patients in life. Being adventurous. I put a little yacht together once and spend 3 1/2 years sailing around the Pacific Ocean I guess because my life has been earth based and I’ve always been a person who’s been trekking in life and as a younger person or as seriously into snow and ice climbing and that’s one reason I come back here to the Himalayas quite often This is my sixth time.

I’ve been over five times before And each time I try to take different tracks. Like this morning I went up 1000 meters or so just on a local track to be up and in the snow and the mountains We all have the power! The important thing is to make sure that in your diet system that you’re not putting too much food into your body that has already been damaged which means that you should be eating a lot of raw food I’m about 95% raw in my home environment. When I’m traveling I have to compromise and just do the best I can. If you’re eating a typical Western diet then most of the food that you’re eating has been damaged to some point. Now what we’re calling damage this is when the food is taken above the pointer of denaturing Denaturing happens up to about 42 degrees centigrade and above that the more heat that’s put onto the food source the more damage is done to it Then you consuming this food and your body’s been built out of demolition material Now I’ve been it long enough now that my body’s hopefully does not have too much demolition material in it. So I’m able to push it a little bit harder than most people of my age I haven’t beaten age I’m still slowling down.

But I’m managing to hold on to it quite well Several reasons! Firstly as a younger child I suffered severely from tonsillitis I had to take days off school and there’s a lot of pain and this went on for most of my life until I was in my early 20s. When I had my tonsils out and it was the impact of of that. That made me stop and start thinking that somewhere from the time I was born to that moment I was doing something wrong I needed to change my lifestyle. The other thing that made me seriously go down this path was that my father died when I was 14 to 15 Left my mum with six kids and no income. Things were pretty hard at the time And I decided as a younger person that one day I was going to find out what caused cancer.

Why do people get these diseases and start dying of cancer And then I started reading about other ways people were dying: Diabetes and cardiovascular problems and I kept going down this this roadway. It became a passion. Things like Alzheimers diseases and Huntington’s diseases… Yes there’s not many diseases I haven’t covered at this stage of life I lived in a small Township in New Zealand. The name of the township is called Karamea. It’s on the west coast of the South Island. I’ve got a small acreage there It’s just under 2 acres. I have a number of fruit trees on the property Set up on a permaculture system. Permaculture is a system that was developed by Australians many many years ago. Basically what we’re talking about is taking a small environment and treating it with as many diversity of tree sources in food sources. And my places mainly set up with fruit trees at the stage. Later I’ll put more gardens in. And in my place I’ve well over 100 fruit trees, vines and things of that sort and any excess food I swap with local people for who’s into gardening I’ve a very large greenhouse to try and extend the climates in the area And I’ve built her house there myself.

A little two-bedroom house which is solar-powered for electricity. And it has a little wood-burner. I grow my own firewood trees on the property And I have another second building. We have a clinic for people who want to come and who do have serious diseases And they wanting to cure themselves by natural means People are always welcome. I don’t advertise but the places is always there and set up for people who want to go down that path. Max Gerson… That was almost 100 years ago now and he did a lot of research into raw foods and he was finding that many of his cancer patients were curing themselves by using raw food.

It was unfortunate for him that he didn’t have the physiology and the medical research that we have today A hundred years ago Litoral microscopes and things of that sort weren’t known. And by all means, I did study a lot of his work There were people like Pritikin who knew there was a problem with the defense. But again, he didn’t understand what was going on at the molecular level And we have that knowledge today! All the knowledge is there but not many people are connecting the dots Hopefully I’m one of them!

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