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Lose 1kg in 1 day | Summer detox diet for weight loss | Detox Diet Plan 2019 | Azra Khan Fitness

in today’s video i am going to share a detox diet plan you can follow this diet plan after a heavy cheat week because of some unavoidable occasions you indulged in heavy cheat day or could not workout and you could not follow a healthy eating pattern then this diet plan will help you detoxify your body you will get back to your normal weight now a lot of times we notice that after a heavy cheat week or skip your workouts then we gain a few extra kgs why does that happen? it happens because of water retention due to high amount of salt sugar and oil intake unhealthy and junk food so tho fix this we have detox diets and today’s detox diet plan is a summer detox i asked you guys n my instagram and community tab of youtube which video you guys want to watch and you guys asked for a detox deit plan.

There are a lot of other suggestions as well so dont worry they are also gonna come soon. this diet plan which i am sharing with you all i tried it on my self and in just one day i lost 1kg of weight so if you are also worried due to water retention this diet plan will help you get all the toxins out of ur body so without further ado lets start this 7 day summer detox diet plan you have to follow this diet plan to the T the way i have told you. plz do not ask for substitues otherwise it will not work in the way it should and you will not get the same results which i got.


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