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4 Dangerous Diet Mistakes

For dangerous diet mistakes as you probably already know a healthy diet is an important factor to weight loss as well as living a healthier more nutritional lifestyle but as it turns out a proper diet might be even more important than you previously thought according to a report recently published in the journal known as the land said poor dieting may be one of the leading causes of premature death and that one-fifth of all deaths worldwide are directly linked to a poor diet this begs the question what can we do to mitigate this problem and ensure that our own diets stay firmly rooted on the healthy side the good news is that besties got your back today we’ll be looking at four major mistakes you might be making when it comes to your diet before we continue you should subscribe to besties for more videos like this one and ring the notification bell to stay up to date on our newest content according to the study published in the land set 11 million deaths worldwide in 2017 were directly linked to health complications associated with poor diets such as heart disease type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer with this in mind you can no doubt see how maintaining a proper diet can be seen as the topmost priority in terms of health but with a death toll this high you have to ask where are we going wrong in regards to our diets according to Maggie O’Neill of health calm there are at least four major mistakes people make when it comes to their diets showing how even a small handful of changes can make a profound impact on your overall health number one not enough nuts in a public release for the lancets report it was mentioned that one of the most noticeable shortcomings when it comes to many people’s diets is a distinct lack of nuts and seeds according to this release most people are only getting about 12% of their recommended daily intake of nuts and seeds on average which really is a shame when you consider just how healthy these foods can be in addition to being highly portable nuts contain a wide variety of nutrients such as protein selenium and magnesium as well as antioxidants and beneficial fiber if that wasn’t enough nuts may also be beneficial when it comes to weight loss as well as by reducing inflammation and bad cholesterol as you can see there are plenty of reasons to go nuts for well nuts number two nary enough dairy according to the study people worldwide are not only skimping on nuts but also on milk as well The Lancet report makes the claim that we are only getting about 16% of our recommended daily intake when it comes to milk while there has been some debate as to whether or not drinking milk is good for you plenty of recent points have been made in milks favor whole milk and other full fat dairy products has been linked to a decreased risk of obesity and may also help your body absorb vitamin D more efficiently during childhood and of course milk is also high in calcium which leads to stronger bones for those among you who are either vegan or lactose intolerant other ways you can integrate high calcium foods into your diet include broccoli kale almonds oranges and tofu among several others number three don’t refrain on grain like milk whole grains have gotten a bad rep on occasion however nutrition experts have pointed out a number of reasons why whole grains might be more beneficial to your health and once believed according to O’Neill we should be getting at least 125 grams of grains every day however most of us are getting less than 30 grams of our daily grain intake so why should you eat more wheat well for starters whole grains are believed to be chock full of potential benefits including a decreased risk of heart disease healthier digestion and an assistance with weight loss and weight management if you live in the United States this point on the list might be especially important for you to pay attention to according to The Lancet report a lack of adequate grain intake was the leading cause of dietary related death and illness in America in other words make sure you find a source of whole-grain that works for you such as oatmeal barley or whole wheat bread and pasta number four stop eating fake foods this is the final item on our list but it doesn’t make it any less important simply put overly salty sugar in processed foods play a serious role in our overall dietary health and our major cause of dietary related disease and death sugary drinks such as soda can increase your risk for weight gain tooth decay and diabetes and even diet sodas can potentially lead to heart disease stroke and ironically enough unhealthy weight gain by the same token foods that are high in sodium can increase your blood pressure to unhealthy degrees causing heart disease and strokes and processed meats can increase your risk of heart disease as well as diabetes and certain varieties of cancer for more information on why processed foods are bad for your health feel free to check out another one of our videos 21 reasons to eat real food dieting the right way isn’t always easy but it is important while we don’t mean to scare you the fact that this report suggests one in five premature deaths are a result of poor dietary habits will hopefully be an effective motivator when it comes to changing up your own dietary habits for the better and remember dieting isn’t just about what you don’t eat choosing healthy foods for your diet is equally as important as cutting out unhealthy ones

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