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Most Delicious Anti Aging Food – Fish Maw Chicken Soup |养颜美容,花胶鸡|

What’s up guys welcome back to Goose Nuggets. I’m Jenny and that’s Today we are having chicken soup. fish maw chicken soup to be exact what is fish maw you may ask it’s actually a fish bladder that controls their buoyancy so it’s high in collagen it’s a Chinese delicacy it’s actually enjoyed by nobles back in ancient times so there’s like a huge boom of spicy Chinese hot pots yeah she likes those there’s like so many. there’s like Haidilao, XiaoLongKan. But this is like a non spicy version so it’s great and refreshing You can actually drink the soup etc.

(Healthy hopot) healthy option yes! once the soup boils, they rip up the chicken with just a little fork and it just falls off the bone that’s how much the chickens has been stewed for along time. it’s so soft. so first they give you soup. You enjoyed the soup first before you do anything else after the soup it’s time to have the chicken the chicken is super tender. Falls off the bone This meat in the soup you can actually taste of meat, like the flavors of the meat along with the soup because you know they stewed this chicken in this soup for like a long time (The chicken stock is like so concentrated) yea the soup is amazing! Holy *** there is so much collagen in this soup.

your lips are like sticky after you drink the soup so much collagen after the soup cooled down a little bit, there’s like a film of collagen on your soup. that’s crazy fishy tofu okay and the fish balls, you guys should eat those first so protip! You should eat all the fish balls and all the vegetables first and then the meat later because the meat will kind of mess up the soup a little bit because of the (blood clots) yeah so that meat should be last this is the actual fish maw. It’s a little clear, a little jiggly it’s kind of chewy like a tendon.

And it’s kind of gooey. Gooey and chewy at the same time I think there’s a chinese saying if you eat a lot of that you will have smoother skin and whiter skin yes because it’s full of collagen. There are so many people eating collagen powders nowadays dude. the ancient Chinese people they knew how to do it. Man xia hua. Shrimp paste balls (I think this one is pretty good as well. Because you can actually taste the shrimp bits) it’s super fresh and it’s good (What is this Terry?) suan mei tang, plum juice plum juice, but in a bottle I have never seen before (what kind of beef is this?) probably brisket slices the marbling is really good tho they are so thin, it just cooks right away it’s like paper thin! The beef is really good too when you ask for more soup, they actually give you original soup base.

They don’t just give you water. That’s very good! (does this taste like anything korean?) yes, this is kind of what koreans drink, similar to korean food This kind of style (oh yeah, the ginseng chicken) (it’s healthier soup) yes yes (you guys like that too in Korea right?) we eat this when we are sick so there are so many hotpot places in Richmond right now that are popping up the more popular ones these days are the spicy ones, but I think this one’s a bit special. very different because you can actually drink the soup. the soup is their main attraction here but other than the soup, the other ingredients are really fresh too so I think this is a very nice break from all the spicy ones and it’s on number three road. it’s super convenient to get here. There’s a skytrain station either side so after tips, it came to be CA$650 ish. It fed the nine of us but we’re so full. We had to pack up a lot of food to go. it might seem kind of pricey for Chinese food, but on average that’s kind of the amount you would spend for Chinese hot pot nowadays (especially the higher-end) like these ones because higher end they give fresher ingredients you can drink the soup.

If it’s like bad ingredients you will taste it right away not like some of the spicy ones they might get away with some of not so fresh ingredients but these one, they can’t get away with it I like it, I give it a thumbs up come try it next time guys! thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like comment and share if you have not subscribed, please subscribe.

happy eating. bye .

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