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Oh my goodness! What kind of training do I do to stay fit? We do 8 to 10 shows a week and it is really hard on our body. Basically, that’s where all of our training comes from is making sure that we can do our job successfully and safely every day. Every day I do shoulder physio, back physio to make sure that my muscles and my joints are staying strong. Lifting myself around like gymnastics, I feel that’s the best way to train. I think it’s called catalytic… Calisthetic… Calisthenics! Catalytic that’s another thing… Calisthetic! For my act, everything is important so I try to overall get my body strong, fit and flexible. I do a lot of yoga, before the show and after the show. Mainly, I just like to ride my bike as much as possible. Every city that we go, we try and find local skate parks so we can go ride with the local riders.

I warm up my face. To be honest I don’t do as much training as I should… With tear down and set-up, we’re always on the go. Probably doing around 30,000 steps a day. I like to keep up body weight exercises, press-ups, chin-ups. Push-ups! When your body is your tool you have to take care of it. I feel when dieting, it’s not really about what you’re not putting in your body, it’s what you should be putting in your body. If you put in junk, you feel junk. So I definitely eat a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables, a lot of lean meats. I eat as healthy as I possibly can. Here at Cirque we have an amazing kitchen. We get such good food here and I feel like it’s always healthy. Our kitchens are fantastic! We travel with like four-star chefs. Once you have all those essential great foods that are going to fuel your body… Go ahead, have a piece of cake! It’s more not what I eat, but the time I eat.

Doing bungies, I can’t exactly eat right before I do a show. Because there’s always a chance that you could bring it back up! Ooh, my favourite food. Beef tartare! BBQ! Pizza! It’s easy, delicious! My favorite food, I discovered when I was in Montreal. It’s called poutine. If you guys never had any poutine, you have to go to Montreal and get one, because it’s probably the best thing you’ll ever eat in your life! My roots are cheese and bread! I miss Russian food! I want a Russian borscht. Please send me! My favourite food is definitely the desserts. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Pastry, pain au chocolat… Oh, I’m hungry now. I want to eat. Do we have time to break and eat something? I’m in an open relationship with my diet. I don’t cheat, I don’t have cheat days! .

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