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The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Physicality

How to lose weight the age-old question there’s a near infinite variety of dietary strategies and products that promise to be the final solution to the global problem of excess body weight and obesity if any of them actually were the end-all solution then why hasn’t the problem been solved yet the answer is quite simple there is no magic food that can make you lose weight there is no easy fix and there is no one diets to rule them all every dietary strategy has positives and negatives and every single one has stories of success and failure in the end it all comes down to whether or not it works for you focus first on these basic guidelines number one match your calorie consumption to your calorie expenditure and your goals eating more than your body means will lead to weight gain and eating less will lead to weight loss and don’t overdo it a modest caloric deficit of for example 500 kilocalories but increase the quality of weight loss and help to keep it off in the future number 2 get enough protein proteins are the building blocks of your body and consists of amino acids some amino acids cannot be synthesized in the human body and you depend on your diets to get enough of them protein also helps to maintain muscle mass while you are losing weight making sure that you’re mainly losing fats issue especially when combined with resistance training number 3 eat plenty of fruits and vegetables these are great sources of micronutrients many of which your body cannot produce on its own micronutrients are the silent heroes of your body and perform a vast array of functions necessary for your survival number 4 focus on unprocessed foods as much as you can overly processed food usually contains more sugars and fats and by extension is more energy dense we also tend to eat more often and it contains additional compounds that might be detrimental to your health number 5 any diet that severely limit certain types of food such as a ketogenic or the we’ll leave you at risk of missing certain nutrients read up on the diet that you want to try and take note of what to look out for preparation is key and last but certainly not least exercise the modern lifestyle is woefully sedentary and exercise is deemed one of the key components to keep your body weight off in the long run in the end it’s all about changing your lifestyle and nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand everything you do in between is up to you for some people eating 5 small meals a day works while others might prefer 2 or 3 big ones someone to optimize their progression by eating as clean as they can whereas others might want a more balanced approach that includes the occasional cheat meal now I’m not saying that this is going to be easy because it’s not the fact that many of us are overweight is largely due to the environment that we’ve created food is absolutely everywhere bad products receive a million times more attention and those that have no idea what they’re talking about have the loudest voice achieving your goals requires that you consciously make the right choices focus first on the foundations of good nutrition not on specific dietary strategies or supplements that may have a small additional benefit after all you would have built a pyramid like this or it would simply fall over build a strong base upon which you can craft a lifestyle that you can maintain optimization is useless if you cannot adhere to the strategy that you have developed future videos will dive into the specifics of different dietary strategies to help you make an informed choice but first it’s up to you to get the basics down find out what works for you experiment with different Whole Foods cooking methods and everything in between physicality can help you by providing the education and coaching that you need but your motivation and willingness to change are the deciding factors in your success

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