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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – For Weight Loss!

\let’s get started with breakfast is there something else I wanted to say it’s tough to do like a weight loss update for you guys it’s just been really really crazy and the next two weeks coming up the next three weeks actually it’s gonna be like really crazy so I don’t feel like it’s I have to just find the right time to do it I’m still currently on a deficit I’m just not working out as often but I kind of want to talk more in depth about like my whole progress right now just trying to fit everything in I have to like focus my attention on other things right now and I feel like when I get so focused on my fitness journey I get so focused on that and then other things tend to fall back and those things are priority right now because I can always get fit at any given time and get back to it so that’s kind of where I’m at right now but this is still gonna be a weight loss what ain’t in a day regardless if you’re one of the gym or not if you’re like weight losses on a pause or whatever it doesn’t matter and also guys don’t forget if you guys are not follow me on Instagram make sure you guys do at Steph G Macedo you guys will see all of my fashion look and also don’t forget to check out my booboo haul I have two clothing hauls for spring and 2019 if you guys want to check them out I will leave them in the description box down below make sure you guys check them out because they are so super cute and if you guys are never shopping Google before y’all are insane like watch yourself found this item where do they find this a fresh go so natural back bacon so for two slices of this one it is a sixty calories so it’s still very very low cal you guys I’m gonna be doing two slices because we’re also going to be doing potatoes so we don’t have to make room for that these are the potatoes I’m going to be using their hash brown potatoes by complement these are from Sobeys you guys can get any hash brown potatoes anything that are like these little squares these are super super tiny they’re like little tiny cubes part three quarter of a cup it’s 130 calories which is good all I have to do is kind of make a little bit of adjustments to my rest the rest of my meal to kind of fit that these are actually easier to cook because they’re so tiny so you kind of cook the fries after you’re done doing your meat in your eggs and I do two of them oh yes honey so while I breakfast is cooking away I actually have a potato bath going on over here so I’m using one two three four five mini potatoes these are not really big they’re just gonna be a delicious so I like to kind of leave them in here it also softens the potatoes washes them for you kind of does everything in one I like to a crisp sprinkle a little bit of salt over top guys I could not have eggs without salt okay I cannot put her back thinking over there you know what trick I don’t think I want to do it this morning but what I like to do is sprinkle a little bit of agave or you guys can like agave syrup or you guys can put a little bit of honey and it makes them really golden and it adds like this sweetness oh my god you guys it’s just so good and we are almost done over here we’re gonna make art but Sagas actually have to remove everything before we cook up our potatoes you guys can also do the potatoes in a different pan if you want to but I love using this one oh that looks so good I have here a full cup that I’ve measured of our little potato hash brownie and we’re gonna be using I want to show you guys this because it’s gonna start sizzling so I’m using Montreal chicken spice any sort of chicken spice will do drop this in a little bit of water and it’s gonna get a little bit loud and you’re just going to want to use your spatula and just move it around the water will soak up and this is just to help to cook the potatoes really really fast because they are frozen I’m gonna turn it up now nice and high you just don’t want it on high when you’re adding in that water because vacuum you really died down you’re gonna sprinkle some of your Montreal chickens right over top this is what’s gonna give it all this salt and flavor so now what I like to do is grab a little pot lid over here just like this and I like to put it over top and you need to let that kind of cook a little bit so that it can Brown so open the lid from time to time I would say like every minute or two and just kind of move them around you guys can see they’re already getting that nice and the only oil that’s here is literally the oil that I sprayed so I always bring my pan I forgot to tell you guys before I do my bacon I just spray it like very quickly with my olive oil Pam I just turned it off this is good enough for me I’m just gonna let it sit here for one more minute and we’re all done we’re going to make our coffee got – Brett so or sorry Nescafe : I was saying espresso buddy my two whole earth stevia so that there’s zero calories in this sugar there of course I’m using my pisces couple and watch as though my unsweetened organic I’m not over top and that’s it okay let’s come over here and look at these gorgeous gorgeous potatoes this is how I get these beautiful Boldin potatoes you guys and now you guys know the secret it’s so good with breakfast and it fills me up for hours because of the potatoes which let’s not forget a little bit of ketchup over top of our potatoes this is the most delicious breakfast you guys and it’s so funny because most people think that when you’re on a deficit you can’t eat something like this but honey I am about to feast of course I can eat like this I’ve been slacking on my water lately I’m not even gonna lie but I like to drink 3 liters a day just in case if you guys don’t know I’ve just cut these into halves make sure you guys cut them this way and I’m just going to add them inside of boiling the water that’s kind of happening over here I like just soften the potatoes a little bit you guys want to calculate how many calories you’re full-time in a day based on how active you are like I said for this video I’m still gonna be eating as if I’m on a deficit to show you guys but technically if you don’t work out like let’s just say I went from working out three days a week to zero you can’t be eating that same amount so if you were eating like 1400 calories to lose weight you can’t continue to eat 1400 calories and expect yourself to lose weight next week I just love showing you guys what I kind of eat on a healthy lifestyle on a balanced left out something that’s very sustainable because that’s just my goal for you guys I just always want you guys to have food that you guys enjoy and still feel like you’re eating something and not just Ella’s every single day or a bunch of veggies and fruit that’s just not how I eat I kind of wish I was like that but I’m not I’m not gonna enjoy myself and it’s just not the lifestyle for me it might be in the future but it’s just not right now so I will leave the coupler down below in my description box if you guys want to calculate the calories that you guys are supposed to be eating on your deficit something sure you guys the check that I lay down a piece of parchment paper at the bottom we’re going to be using our back bacon that we did for breakfast as well so I have some leftover green onion that I love to put over top it’s so nice and fresh cheese of course and then sour cream as for our beef tacos what we have is extra lean ground beef I always get extra lines with less calories I have mild chunky salsa or white corn tortillas last time you guys told me if I kind of soak these in water and then heat them up it’s better to tortillas is 100 calories you guys these are really nice and low cal that’s what I love about white corn tortillas I have a pico de gallo that I kind of made and prepped inside of the fridge the only thing I didn’t have was line but now I bought some so we’re gonna be squeezing some lime inside of there then I have some lettuce of course a red onion that we’re gonna chop and we also have of course the line then we’re gonna squeeze instead of our pico de gallo and we’re also gonna use a little bit of cilantro so let’s get started with our beef tacos braise some of our olive oil pan at the bottom here this organic taco seasoning I feel like ground beef tends to cook in little chunks so the first thing I like to do is really break it up and this is gonna give me a lot of taco so I’m just gonna put the whole package inside of there I’m gonna be adding the salsa right inside of the actual needs salsa is so low in calorie this is just gonna give it a very tomato sort of flavor which I love some onion powder over top as Portugese are like hella loose handed with our seasoning you guys like really loose that’s paprika that I just put in there and then yall already know garlic Queen up in here this is a really quick and easy recipe if you guys have kids at home if you need to cook for your boyfriend your husband or just for yourself this is so quick and easy to kind of whip up I would say every two to three minutes come back to this pan kind of break up the meat like this because it’s gonna help it to not get into chunks and right now I have this on medium he had a little touch of water at the bottom there just to kind of give it a little bit of moisture I mean it’s basically done I’m going to put it on low it’s been in here for about 10 to 15 minutes and me slowly kind of stirring cut it into little quarters like this they’re so cute so we’re only gonna need four for this I’m because I’m gonna probably put one or two is my beef tacos and we’re gonna use this one over here to sprinkle inside of our pico de gallo so it just adds a little bit of zest so put white onion cilantro chopped up tomato Frenkel a little bit of salt inside of there mix everything up make sure the line gets in there and I love putting this inside of my beef tacos anytime I make anything sort of Mexican I love putting this over top chop up some red onion we only need a little bit this is just more front of garnish of course it is for flavor as well tiny little squares I love chopping you guys it’s like kind of relaxing I don’t know what it is so we’re not gonna need too much cuz I like to cut my lettuce really fresh because I noticed that when it’s not cut with the stem on and it just sits inside of the fridge it does not last there’s our oven for our potato skins I’m just gonna wash these leaves up and we’ll be right back I like to just cut them into these very thin sort of long slices like this this is how you want your potatoes to look you can tell that they have been cooked down and rough potato when you guys are when you think you’re done you’re just when you think you’re done your potato skins would be biting into something very very rough and tough and kind of scoop out a portion of the potato make like a little bit of a hole and you want this little tiny cup and you’re gonna do that for each potato now we’ve kind of made all of our potatoes Hollow so that we have a little cup to put in our filling just want to put that much inside you guys can put less if you don’t have the room I’m not gonna be having all of these of course for a meal we’re gonna grab our bacon over here and use our kitchen scissors I’ve cut them into little strips over here and then we’re just gonna do this and then we’re going to easily sprinkle them on top of our potatoes and the bacon will cook inside of the oven it’s gonna grab your bacon and sprinkle it over top like let’s just be real who doesn’t want bacon the good thing about this bacon is that of course it’s lower calories sprinkle a little bit of salt over top a little tiny bit of black pepper over top now these guys are ready for us to pop booms out of the oven I did my thrifty is inside a water like you guys said and I’m just kind of heating them up it’s working actually really well and that’s basically it putting my me inside of a container already my meal prep container where I can kind of just take it out from really easily it is Taco Time oh my God look how cute this looks I love the setup so you want to grab a little bit of your lettuce that’s the first thing you’re going to lay down over here in the center love some fresh fresh lettuce grab a whole tablespoon and lay my meat just like that we’re gonna grab our pico de gallo of course then put it over top this fresh beautiful oh my god I love people that I was so much whoever created it was a genius our red onion and sprinkle it over top a little bit more lime over top also going to lay it on the side just for presentation I think it just looks so cute look at that you guys I just added some water into here it just makes it less calories and it also makes it more watery I love summer cream it is life like it’s so life you guys look at these beef tacos oh my goodness look at this presentation I cannot wait to eat this friend lunch our potato skins are so kind of cooking up I want the cheese to get really nice and golden I will put the approximate calories for this meal over here so that you guys can make it at home and you can have an idea as to how much you guys are eating again you guys when you’re making it at home it’s just approximate because I don’t know how much meat you guys are gonna be using so make sure that you measure every single thing looks so good you guys look how good these turned out the cheese is so nice and golden I’m gonna put them all on our plate over here and then I’m just going to garnish them you cut little tiny pieces of a green onion and sour cream put little on each one of them and sprinkle it over I love having green onion over my potato skins it’s just so good so this is what we’re gonna kind of be having as a meal slash snack if you guys want something to feel like a meal but you just want to snack and you’re having like a really low calorie dinner I will put the approximate calories over here of course the serving does depend on how many you’re having I might not eat all of these right now but make sure you guys try this out at home I really think kids would love it as well I think we’re gonna be having for the night our unit is this beautiful veggie soup I’m gonna leave the recipe over here on this side with all the ingredients it is super easy you guys to make you literally just put your chicken broth kind of mix or you guys can use bullion or just like regular chicken broth in the box like the liquid kind and then this is turkey meat that’s inside of here carrots celery cabbage parsley there’s also a little bit of cilantro in here salt a little bit of garlic and onion powder again I will list everything over here on the side put your little favorite pasta I put like these little like flower ones I don’t know what they’re actually called every time I eat it I know that I’m getting a ton of veggies and I like to have that at night so that in the morning I don’t feel really full or anything it becomes a little bit difficult I will say when you’re making soups to calculate calories it sounds difficult and it seems difficult but it really isn’t the best thing to do is get like a recipe kind of app where it lets you calculate all of the calories and all the ingredients that you’re putting inside of your dish so I’ve used a minor diary My Fitness Pal doesn’t really have that and what you kind of do is put all your ingredients how much you are putting how much water you’re putting inside of the pot and then you divide it as to how many portions and then it tells you like oh this whole entire pot is 2,200 calories or 1500 calories and what’s important is that you know that when you finish this that you have consumed 1500 calories.

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