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Eat fast Live Longer. Time restricted eating for health and fitness

So I’m going to start fasting. well I have already and I want to talk about it hi my name is Christine L Conroy welcome to Happy Stuff and Fluff. A Channel for women over 50 who are getting happy and growing younger.okay so as women over 50 many of us are going through the menopause we may be postmenopausal whichever we are we’re probably hormonal and that makes it easier to put on weight and increasingly more difficult to lose it and so this particular thing weight loss is a delicious side effect and it’s one of the reasons I’ve started to do it. So of course I’m talking about intermittent fasting. Now it’s incredibly popular at the moment within the health and fitness industries and for good reason now I looked at this a while ago when those of you in the UK may remember that Michael Mosley the medical journalist did a documentary on it I think it was called fast eating I’m not sure but I’m going to leave a link to it down below so that you can all watch it and I’m gonna leave an article too so you can have a look and see what you think about intermittent fasting and yeah I did I did get his book and I did watch the documentary.

If you haven’t been watching me for any length of time you may not know that I love food. I absolutely enjoy everything about it I love eating, I love people getting together to share food it’s sensual its social it’s just, I love it and for me to go on a traditional kind of diet where I have to cut lots of things out and you know deprive myself of things wouldn’t be sustainable for me, I do think this will be. I’ve started already well let me tell you first of all. there are different methods of intermittent fasting and what it simply means is – intermittent fasting is having cycles of long periods of not eating or longer periods of not eating and then eating, and so fasting is obviously going without food but two of the methods that I looked at were – the first 5/2 method which is where you eat normally for five days, when I say normally I mean healthily I think is how I would approach this.

To still eat healthily during the five days and then have two days fasting not back-to-back so you may have a fast day on a Monday or a fast day on a Thursday for example but on those two days you still eat a meal but one that is no more than 500 calories. So I looked at that and and for the moment have decided against it and instead started the 16-8 method now you may have heard of this as, Time restricted eating.

So basically it’s not, it’s about consuming all of your daily food within an eight-hour window let’s say. The method that’s what that is and then allowing your body to rest from digestion if you like for the next 16 hours. Now given that you sleep for eight of those hours it’s not that difficult to do and I’ve been doing it now for about a week and I think it’s going to be a sustainable method of eating for me.

In terms of losing weight it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be great for losing weight so what happens is well first of all let me tell you when you eat your meals, so three meals within eight hours, so let’s say I will eat at eleven o’clock in the morning then three o’clock and then possibly so that I do not eat anything then after seven o’clock until the next day at eleven so eating three meals in that eight hour window I find I’m not eating as much during that eight hours because I’m not that hungry so that’s the effect its had on me I’m eating slightly less anyway so obviously taking in fewer calories but the beauty of it is fasting in this way also increases the calorie burning hormone or energy burning hormone which is Noradrenaline fat burning Noradrenaline So fasting releases that it also increases your metabolism so just by doing this there’s a good chance that you may lose weight but the health benefits of it are amazing which is why I think it’s worth giving it a go so the health benefits include and you’ll read about it and if you watch Michael Mosley you’ll hear about it obviously weight loss and we talked in this video here about the fact that we need to be eating less anyway it can help to reduce insulin resistance which helps people with type 2 diabetes it reduces the risk factor for heart disease and it’s anti aging ladies.

So it helps with cell renewal and it also helps with longevity what’s not to like? I think it’s something we should all have bear in mind. Now obviously there are health contraindications to doing it so have a read and have a read of the article and if you do think you fall into a medical category where you shouldn’t be doing it perhaps have a chat with your caregiver caregiver medical, I’ve just gone a complete blank but you know who I mean talk to them about it before you do it. Side-effects – you might feel hungry but we’re not talking about starving ourselves here we’re not talking about starving yourself we’re just talking about mild hunger it’s not going to be too bad at all and it’s good for your body. It’s good for your body to have that rest period of from digestion for 16 hours.

Now as I’ve said to you if you you may go to bed let’s say you got about it 11 o’clock and sleep for 8 hours then you break fast which is your breakfast the next day so you fast for that period anyway .All we’re doing is extending that a little bit and for the claimed health benefits proven in some cases, although I think the studies of all have been short-term so far but for the health benefits that you get through doing it I really do think it’s worth giving it some attention. Now if you decide to do it will you let me know and then we can do it together we’ll talk about it on the Facebook group perhaps I’ll leave a link to that too down below yeah and that would be really good I think now I’m going to continue with this for a while and then I may have a look at the method I’m not sure yet for now I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing and it’s making me feel good.

I feel great! Okay so that’s why I’ve decided to do the fast but I’m doing the 16-8 method. Okay so already this year we are: GETTING OUT IN NATURE. we are SLEEPING BETTER we are EATING LESS now we’re possibly LOSING A LITTLE BIT OF WEIGHT too. We’re going to ROCK IT this year ladies.
See you soon you .

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