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How To Stay Young Over 50!

I want to share with you my observations on what makes us feel young and old and what makes us present young or old to the rest of the world because you can have a really old 30 year old woman or a really young 70 year old woman and it’s kind of the things that we do and the mindset that we create for ourselves that ages us really quickly our physical appearance doesn’t really represent how old we feel on the inside it’s what we’re doing and thinking and creating for ourselves that makes us either young or old so I’ve thought about my top three tips that can help you and help me to feel younger and feel more alive in the world and create more opportunities for yourself tip number one try something new every single week because when you think of an old person it’s kind of like their world tends to shrink they’re very routine they take their tablets and they go for a walk or they’ll go to the shops but everything is done the same as it was done yesterday that’s how they feel safe because they don’t have to convert any new information and feel overwhelmed but if we’re doing that now in our 50s we just tend to be have an old mindset that’s what makes us kind of build so my suggestion is to go out every week and try something new try something that you’ve never done before or try something that you’ve always wanted to do don’t worry about whether anybody else thinks it’s okay just try it you think about young versus old young people just jump and do things they get wound up in the whirlwind of the excitement of trying something new and as people get older they don’t do that it’s the vibration of trying something new that’s just going to light you up and when I say try something new I kind of mean as well try something that scares you that even terrifies you because if you’ve got it left up here thinking about it all the time and you’re not doing it you’ve got to say to yourself if not now when like do you want to do it when you’re 60 or when you’re 70 or when you’re 80 like now is the time to try everything you’ve ever wanted to try so it’s some examples of things to try just start with little things like joining a gym I I didn’t join the gym until I was in my late 40s because I was kind of intimidated by the gym scene but once I tried I absolutely love it and I love going to the gym the other people aren’t intimidating at all they’re just like you and me they just want to go there and get fit and get strong and get healthy try taking a dance class learning a new language trying on a new outfit try a new hairstyle try a new makeup look there’s so many things you can do and when you’re doing new things your brains re wired into enthusiasm and thinking about it and getting excited about something set a goal for yourself this week to try one new thing and just do it okay tip number two is to create more joy in your life by doing more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t love again when I say if not now when we’re 50 and in our 50s when are you going to do it we don’t have to really be serving everybody all the time that’s silly because if our souls are lifted and we’re feeling great then every single person who’s in our life is going to benefit from that one example of this would be if you don’t feel like cooking dinner every single night of the week just don’t do it anymore take a bath in we’ve got it a burnt into our memory bank that we have to do everything to look after everybody and take care of everybody and put ourselves at the bottom of the heap well we’ve done that we’ve been there and we really don’t need to be doing that anymore particularly if your kids have grown up it’s a little bit different if your kids are younger you need to nurture them and look after them and I agree but a lot of us I have moved past that so think of some things that you don’t enjoy doing like cooking or like running around and fixing everybody else’s problems just say no because they can really look after themselves and what do you love doing do you love exercising do you love reading a book do you love learning new things do you love going out with your girlfriends and just laughing a lot as opposed to going out with girlfriends and feeling really bad when you’ve left them because all you’ve done is complain so if that’s the case stop doing that and find some people that fill you up and that make you laugh on the weekends if you’ve been working all week do you really need to clean the house for a whole day so instead of doing the cleaning for the day go to the beach go for a bush walk go shopping and buy some new makeup just do more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t and don’t worry about what anybody says just do it for you that’s another goal for this week get out there and say no to one thing even if you say no to cooking dinner for the family for one night a week because you just clocked off and you’re having a bath hopefully they’ll be happy for you if it’s all about you and feeling good about yourself and filling yourself up with the good stuff and that’s what keeps us young not doing doing doing for everybody else all the time that just ages us and tires us out and makes us old and Haggard so get rid of that and bring on some new time be kind and loving to those around you because if you’re going to change they’re going to feel a little bit strange you’ve had a half a century on the planet or more to do what you’ve done but now is your time and my third tip is to make friends with a millennial I have lots of young friends and they’re always teaching me something new and they have different points of view to what I have which is great because I can learn from them and they can learn from me I think young people love hanging out with older people and feeling our centeredness and our wisdom they like that but what young people don’t like is to be told what to do I don’t think we like being told what to do either they’re doing things their way and if you can respect that and just jump into their world where they are you will benefit greatly and they’ll benefit too because hey we’ve got so much life experience to share with people and just it’s just a really nice connection you can have with someone who you normally wouldn’t spend time with I learned so much from young people definitely anything to do with technology they’re just bang bang bang bang here’s how you do it I can ask then what they’re doing in the gym and why they’re doing it and how it will benefit me ask a young person to teach you how to reapply your makeup what they think of what outfit you’re wearing or to go shopping with them ask them to come along with you when you’re making some new decisions and get their perspective on it my son’s girlfriend’s teaching me how to twerk which is going to be interesting and I’m trying to talk her into teaching all of you how to do it as well but we’ll see it’s just having new experiences with new people and expanding this making this bigger and it just lifts your heart it’s really great so become that person out there in the world someone who young people would want to hang out with like I don’t want to hang out with that person who’s always complaining and neither do young people and neither do people your own age who are wanting a bigger experience out of their life so there are three tips for this week .

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