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Eat fast Live Longer. Time restricted eating for health and fitness

So I’m going to start fasting. well I have already and I want to talk about it hi my name is Christine L Conroy welcome to Happy Stuff and Fluff. A Channel for women over 50 who are getting happy…

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The Best Fitness Tips for 2019!

Here we go, a new year, a new you… again. But, let’s get some good ol’ tips to not only get you on the right track for 2019, but hopefully keep you on it this time around. Let’s get straight…

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Fat Sims? Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle and Fitness

Over the years I’ve seen plenty of people complain about how their Sims get fat over time. Because of this I thought it’d be fun to do some playtesting and see if some guidelines you read about preventing fat gain…

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